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Upgrade from CDH 5.11 Express to Enterprise

Hello Community,


I have some questions regarding the license setup process described in Upgrading from Cloudera Express to Cloudera Enterprise , knowing that our CDH 5.11 cluster is alread running and fully configured(kerberos, services, etc...):

1 - Is it possible to install the enterprise license without access to the internet or should we enable it?

2 - We have already installed an external database (MariaDB) for services datastores, configured user/passwords etc... So why are the credentials required during license setup? It sounds strange to have this asked at such a time.

3 - Is it a non-destructive process regarding current cluster configuration (this is somehow a consequence of point 2)?


Thanks for the help



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Re: Upgrade from CDH 5.11 Express to Enterprise

1. To install the new license you don't need to have internet access. It can upload the file from your local machine.
2. I only skimmed but I think it only requires that as it assumes that Cloudera Express clusters are using the embedded database. You are using an external DB already so it shouldn't be needed.
3. It should be non-destructive as it is just updating the licensing and unlocking features within CM.
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Re: Upgrade from CDH 5.11 Express to Enterprise

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Thank you for your answers. I will install the license and report here how it went.



As everything was already configured, the only point was about the ReportManager role brought by the Enterprise version: I was asked for the DB credentials for this particular role and where to install it.

Then a few restarts and the Enterprise version was up-and-running.


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