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please help ResourceManager Memory Leak?

We got two CDH cluster with the same version(CDH-5.5.2-1.cdh5.5.2.p0.4), and both the ResourceManager of each cluster with the same configuration.

One of the ResourceManager is running well, and its heap memory is stay in a constant value(e.g 800mb) as the time is going on.

But the other one will throw OOM exception and exit after 15 days. When we use 'jmap -F -histo' to dump its jvm heap info, we are seeing that the size of object 'char[]' is growing up as the time is moving, and it finally throw OOM.

Following is key info of jvm dump result of both the good RM and OOM RM:

dump cmd:jmap -F -histo pid (The heap size of both the RM are 1GB)


A)jvm dump of good RM in cluster A

we are seeing that 40w+ char[] instances with 60m+ heap mem




B)jvm dump of bak RM(OOM) in cluster B

we are seeing that 30w+ char[] instances but with 400m+ heap mem



Any help wil be appreciated.