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Dear members,

I am facing an issue when creating a new data engineering cluster on top of Azure using Cloudera Altus (cloud).
I am evaluating Cloudera Altus with the canonical 30 days trial.

I am able to create a new environment on Azure (I have the Owner role on the subscription) and I have created a new resourcegroup for Altus resources (I have also deployed the basic elements required such as DNS machine & Co).

When I try to create a new cluster I receive a "non talking error" that mention

"An internal error occurred when creating the cluster. Contact Cloudera Support or log a support case. (CREATION_GENERAL_ERROR)"

No other messages are presented, how can I discover the reason that makes the cluter process fail?
I am using the TRIAL and I cannot raise a direct ticket to the support.

Thanks in advance for all the help you can provide.


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