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Invalid SSH public key provided. while creating cluster

HI Team,


I am creating cluster with Azure, I am able to set the environment but when I create cluster and passes the public key it gives the error:


Invalid SSH public key provided.

Request ID: 2b1ebae4-4c63-4dec-b238-ca1a216c717c


Also, I setup the auto deployment to true for the Cloudera Altus image and tried both creating a single machine and with no machine.


Kindly assist with SSH and VMs.



Gaurav Rai

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Hi Gaurav,

     Can you please clarify how you are generating this ssh key? Is this created using putty gen or ssh-keygen?


If its created using putty gen you will get an error message as these keys aren't supported yet. We are going to support in next update.


If it was created using ssh-keygen, is it possible that not all data is pasted or extra info got added?

by grai on ‎06-28-2018 12:23 PM

I have used putty-keygen let me try with ssh-keygen.