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SDX Managed Namespace (Beta) and Sentry Group Name

I have gone through the steps to create an SDX Managed Namespace, created a Data Warehouse Cluster that points to the SDX Managed Namespace, and gotten into the Query editor (HUE) to being testing out queries.  By default the first time I log in there are no permissions set for Sentry so I followed this guide: 


create role SentryAdminRoleForAltus;
grant all on server server1 to role SentryAdminRoleForAltus;
grant role SentryAdminRoleForAltus to group SDXSentryAdminGroup;


The only problem is I don't know what group I belong to and its not obvious in the Altus UI.  What value should I input for 'SDXSentryAdimGroup'?

Accepted Solution
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Hello Keith,

If you go to the details web page for the namespace you created, you will
see the Admin Group defined. The UI will provide a link on the name of the
admin group that takes you to the Group details page for that group. There
you can see the members, roles, and admins for the group. You should be an
admin and a member automatically if you created the namespace. Because you
are an admin for the group, you can add other members to the group if you
want. Best,

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