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Unable to add third party services through Cloudera Altus.

We have our own security software that we wanted to host on Cloudera. We were able to add our software as a service using Cloudera manager & Cloudera director. However, we are facing issues while adding the same through Cloudera Altus. We have very restricted access on Cloudera clusters which are created using Cloudera Altus in AWS. Can anyone help us out here ..!! . Is there is any way to integrate a thrid party software(as a service which involves adding new parcels, CSD's, configuration changes in existing/new services) through Cloudera Altus ?

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Hi @Vik,


For installing 3rd party software on Altus clusters, you can specify a "Instance bootstrap script" when creating the cluster (see documentation for creating AWS and Azure clusters). The instance bootstrap script is executed on all the cluster instances immediately after start-up before any service is configured and started. You can use the bootstrap script to install additional OS packages or application dependencies.


If you have access to Cloudera support, please file a support request and we can further assist you with your questions and requests.