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Apache Spot with Cloudera Director

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I am trying to install apache- spot with a Cloudera virtual machine following this guide:


I installed cloudera-director-client and server on my ec2 instance created with aws, i already created a file with all the variables and sourced it. But when i run:


cloudera-director bootstrap-remote spot-director.conf


i get this error message: Failed to connect to localhost/


Anyone can help me?

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Re: Apache Spot with Cloudera Director

Hi ratek20,


The blog post uses the "bootstrap" command, not the "bootstrap-remote" command:


cloudera-director bootstrap spot-director.conf

The "bootstrap" command does all the work in the client, while "bootstrap-remote" makes the client call on the server to do the work. If you want to use "bootstrap-remote" instead, then start the Director server so it is listening on port 7189. Then, when running the client, pass the username and password for admin access to the server, e.g.:


cloudera-director bootstrap-remote spot-director.conf --lp.remote.username=admin --lp.remote.password=admin