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Cloudera Altus Director GCP example


 I am looking for an example of Cloudera director template for a full feature CDH in Google Cloud (GCP). I checked this repo:

but only AWS and AZURE examples are covered.

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Re: Cloudera Altus Director GCP example

Hi Tomas79,


Try starting with this file:


It's not a "full-featured" CDH, but a simple one. However, you could then carry over deployment ("cloudera-manager") and cluster configurations from aws.reference.conf to construct a more comprehensive configuration for GCP. At those levels, the configuration properties are the same no matter what provider you are on.


P.S. We're working on updating the configuration files to correct minor errors and ensure they run with minimal replacements. Some changes you should make for better odds of success:


- put Solr server roles on workers, not masters

- put the Flume agent on a gateway

- for HA, specify "oozie_load_balancer" and "oozie_load_balancer_http_port" as separate configuration properties for the OOZIE service

- include SPARK_ON_YARN and HIVE GATEWAY roles where Hive and Spark roles run so that Hive-on-Spark works