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Cloudera manager installation fails through Cloduera director

I am trying to deploy CDH on AWS using Cloudera director.However, it always gets stuck on Cloudera manager installation part .


I see that I need to set up ssh tunelling for this but not sure how to do this?

Could I have direction on this please? I have read this part


but this seems like a way to access interfaces through localsystem. Why should it fail cloudera manager installation?


[2017-04-04 05:58:54.545 +0000] ERROR [port-forwarding-[32322:]] - net.schmizz.concurrent.Promise: <<chan#5714 / open>> woke to: Opening `direct-tcpip` channel failed: open failed


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Re: Cloudera manager installation fails through Cloduera director

Hello sim6,


I believe we'll need more from the Cloudera Director log to understand what is happening around the time when the error message you noted is being generated. There are similar error messages like this that can occur normally and do not indicate a problem. What are the symptoms indicating that Cloudera Manager installation is stuck?


Director automatically attempts to set up its own tunnels to communicate with Cloudera Manager, so there is no action necessary on your part except ensuring that SSH port 22 is open between the Director instance and the Cloudera Manager instance. Director will use tunneling if it cannot establish a direct connection to Cloudera Manager (via port 7180). Learn more here: