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Howto configure HBase Params for AWS Cluster Configuration

I can successfully create a cluster using the Cloudera provided template and nodes following the AWS template profile. 


Am seeking to script how to configure parameters such as






I presume that these will go in the post creation script... how?

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Re: Howto configure HBase Params for AWS Cluster Configuration

Hello there,


Director uses Cloudera Manager's API under the hood to configure services. The selection of parameters supported for HBase can be found here.


You can include the parameters you need in service or role configurations specified through Director, either in the UI or in a configuration file. Use the name in the "API" column of the page linked above to name each property. For example, to specify the region server message interval, include the "hbase_regionserver_msginterval" configuration property in the role configuration for region servers. A configuration file would specify it like this, perhaps in an "workers" instance group.


roles {





configs {



      hbase_regionserver_msginterval: 10





Take a look at the sample configuration files shipped with Director for a complete example.


General documentation about setting these kinds of configuration properties is here: