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RHEL 6.4 is by default used.

I am observing director is using below AMI automatically(aws.reference.conf) which is for RHEL 6.4. I would like to know, why it is not using latest RHEL like 7.2.






  # Red Hat Enterprise Linux AMI IDs:

    # We support Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 (64bit) 64bit PV or HVM




As per official documentation higher version of RHELs are also supported but director is taking RHEL 6.4 as default:

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Re: RHEL 6.4 is by default used.

Hi kartikbha. Could you point me to where you're finding this information? I'm not seeing it in our most recent aws.reference.conf ( or in our Cloudera Director 2.1 docs.
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Re: RHEL 6.4 is by default used.

I see the comment about RHEL 6.4 in aws.reference.conf. That comment is out of date and will be updated soon, along with other portions of that file. We regularly test Director with versions up to RHEL / CentOS 7.2.


We are working on a list of "recommended" base AMIs for RHEL and CentOS, but in the meantime you should use the official images distributed by Red Hat and CentOS in AWS.