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Sentry w/ Director

Has anyone actually got Sentry working with Cloudera Director? I've tried for hours via this article: and it seems the syntax is incorrect. For example, this entry: 

IMPALA {            
    sentry_enabled: false           

keeps erroring out during bootstrap with how it expects an object, and got a boolean.


If you have Sentry working with Cloudera Director, can someone please post their working .conf with that section in it?



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Re: Sentry w/ Director

Hi visokoo,


I recommend taking a look at the blog post by Ben Spivey which was just published today. It covers deploying a secure cluster on AWS using Director, and includes use of Sentry.


For the error that you are getting following the Director documentation, can you attach your entire configuration file, sanitized to remove any sensitive information?

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Re: Sentry w/ Director

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I was able to get through this with much trial and error in where to put the config and eventually just left this part out since by default, it's set to false anyway. Wish that article was posted a lot earlier when I was working out the kinks of my .conf file.