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cloudera director bootstrap python

Hi, is it possible to define a template for cloudera director to call a python script in the bootstrap process?

The documentation states that the bootstrapScriptsPaths defines a list of script file (shell commands) - so I assume only shell commands are supported.


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Re: cloudera director bootstrap python

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Hi Tomas79,


I think a Python script will work if you start it with a shebang (e.g., #/usr/bin/env python). Director uses essentially the following shell command to run a script, so I can see a Python script working with it.



sudo chmod 700 'scriptName' && sudo 'scriptName'


Even so, running a Python script directly is a little hacky because we haven't thought about Director running anything other than shell scripts with this capability, so I can't guarantee that this command won't change in the future to not work with a Python script. However, something like the following shell script will be fine.


#!/usr/bin/env bash
python <<EOF
print 'Hello world!'





#!/usr/bin/env bash
curl -O http://host/path/to/downloadable/



Or rather than downloading the script, bake it into your AMI / image. So, there are a few options.