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Own code editor in CDSW?



I am wondering if there is a possiblity to work with your own editor, e.g. Atom, PyCharm instead of the integrated CDSW code editor?


It would be super cool, if you could have direct access to the code files during a sessions e.g. over a mounted network share or SFTP.  Then you could write and modify your code in your favorit editor and execute it via the workbench.


BTW: It would be super cool to make commits to the repo after you changed your code, e.g. in CDSW code editor (Is there a better place then this community for making non-enterpise feature requests?) 

Best Vitali

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Re: Own code editor in CDSW?

I know these are well-known as feature requests, and ones I share. I don't know that they are planned for any particular release, but am sure these are tracked already as possible features.