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cdsw spark2 configuration issue

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I'm facing issues when submitting a job/ command run using the workbench.

I followed the cdsw installation guide and did the following step that I could sum up to the following :


Switch to java8 on the cdh cluster and on the cdsw machine

Deploy spark2 using parcel & csd on a cdh cluster

Validate using sparkpi : everything is ok

Setting up cdsw on a dedicated node

Download & configure cdsw

cdsw init run without error


The problem :

I'm able to access the workbench but when I try to run any template, like analysis.R for example, I get the following message after 20 second of task inactivity :



Waiting for Spark configuration...
Have you fully deployed client configuration to your CDSW nodes?


And the task stay idle before getting automaticaly killed.

I looked on the spark history. No job was displayed comming from cdsw or else.


I was wondering if I skipped something relative to the the spark cluster configuration for cdsw

I read the cdsw installation carefully but need hints for gathering additionnal debug information or ways to configure correctly cdsw using spark2.


For information : I tried to copy the spark2 configuration files from the cdh worker nodes to the cdsw node for the files /etc/spark2/conf/spark-defaults.conf and /etc/spark2/conf/

Unfortunately without any positive change.


Any feedback is welcome.


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Re: cdsw spark2 configuration issue



Did you add the dedicated CDSW host to the cluster in CM? 


From the documentation:

"Cloudera Data Science Workbench hosts must be added to your CDH cluster as gateway hosts, with gateway roles properly configured."




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Re: cdsw spark2 configuration issue

Indeed, the cdsw host was added to the cdh manager but it just needed a spark gateway deployment