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Hue 504 Gateway Timeout

Hue 504 Gateway Timeout




We are providing cloud lab for some of our students. lets say 700 users access us. When they execute multiple hive query in hue. while executing the query tends to get slow and also will get "502 Bad Gateway, a padding to disable MSIE and chrome friendly error page" and also I get "504 Gateway timeout".

We have also added auto scaling. But the scaling is not done as the memory and core are not used. Even though I am facing this issue.


In "Java Heap Size of HiveServer2 in Bytes" is set to 10GB also "Max HiveServer2 Threads" is set to 500.

When I check the JVM Heap Memory Usage it is in 4GB it is not even touching 7 or 8GB though I get error.


Please Give me a solution. This weekend is going to be crucial as 600 user are going to hit us. We have just hit by 200 to 300 users in this week. If I get a solution before that it will be much helpfull.


Thanks in advance.