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Phoenix CLAB 4.5 : CORRUPTION BUG and security bug

Hello to all,

                        I found a very important bug between phoenix  4.5 ( official CLAB ) :


The problem is linked to secondary index ( one of the reason to use phoenix ) , the base bug is:


In 4.7.0 seems to be solved  after master build 1114 of Phoenix ( I think it's the commit c89903ec5c176eb93abe32437b2ac171b6f6c552 )


It's a very critical bug, and I got it on a cluster, to restart HBase I had to clean all HBase data, because it could not

bring online the regions anymore.


Moreove rnow I found a security bug:


I think it will be very helpfull to have a CLAB with 4.7.0 for CDH 5.5-5.6 or the future 5.7 .



Kind Regards

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Re: Phoenix CLAB 4.5 : CORRUPTION BUG and security bug



Thanks for flagging these.  


As you should be aware, Cloudera Labs projecst are experiemental and Cloudera does not provide production support.  That said, we'll make sure to have these fixes included when we make another cloudera labs release of phoenix.




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