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Quick Start VM Disk Issue

I have downloaded Cloudera Quick Start VM to be deplyed in VMWare Esxi 6. The zipped file had 17 splitted vmdk files. When I upload the complete zipped directory to the datastore in Esxi (or invidual files). It fails to start the VM with below error :


Power On virtual machine         cloudera-513           File   /vmfs/volu-mes/5ad98-864-17509-82e-a341-8-4b8025b7d-d4/cloudera-513/cloude-ra-quickstart-vm-5.13.0-0-vmware.-vmdk was not found


Even after combining these vmdk files using below link :


The VM fails to start. 


Looks like the latest quickstart vm sandbox (vmware version) has some issues with Esxi. 


Can you please check on that ? 


Thank You.


PS : I dont have VMware Workstation/ VMPlayer to check it.