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Spark Exception: ConsumerRecord Not Serializable


Spark Exception: ConsumerRecord Not Serializable



I am trying to write the kafka message to a file. 


So I have added  output section to the traffic window as below in the traffic.conf

    trafficwindow {
        dependencies = [traffic]
        deriver {
            type = sql
            query.literal = """
                SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP() * 1000 as_of_time, ROUND(AVG(number_of_vehicles), 2) avg_num_veh,
                MIN(number_of_vehicles) min_num_veh, MAX(number_of_vehicles) max_num_veh,
                MIN(measurement_time) first_meas_time, MAX(measurement_time) last_meas_time FROM traffic"""
		planner = {
		  type = overwrite
		output = {
		  type = filesystem
		  // The output directory
		  path = "c:\\temp"
		  format = parquet


When i run the traffic example i am getting the error below. org.apache.kafka.clients.consumer.ConsumerRecord
Serialization stack:
- object not serializable (class: org.apache.kafka.clients.consumer.ConsumerRecord, value: ConsumerRecord(topic = traffic, partition = 0, offset
2022, CreateTime = 1550606083979, checksum = 3592114955, serialized key size = -1, serialized value size = 16, key = null, value = 1550606083979,23))
at org.apache.spark.serializer.SerializationDebugger$.improveException(SerializationDebugger.scala:40)
at org.apache.spark.serializer.JavaSerializationStream.writeObject(JavaSerializer.scala:46)



Is this something not supported as of now? Or I am addig output in wrong place.




Re: Spark Exception: ConsumerRecord Not Serializable

Rising Star

Hi Shrini,


Apologies, I had tried to reply to your last post on the other thread but it seems like it never actually posted. My response was:


I am not sure why you are getting that error message. It may be difficult for me to be able to assist on this one if you are not running Envelope on a Cloudera cluster, or if you are making modifications to the Envelope code, because it won't be practical for me to replicate the error.

Are you intending to use Envelope on a Cloudera cluster? If so then you might want to start from there now rather than trying to run Envelope on Windows with your own Spark and Kafka versions.
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