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Spark-submit works for yarn-cluster mode but SparkLauncher doesn't, with same params

Spark-submit works for yarn-cluster mode but SparkLauncher doesn't, with same params

New Contributor

I'm able to submit a spark job through spark-submit however when I try to do the same programatically using SparkLauncher, it gives me nothing ( I dont even see a Spark job on the Cloudera UI)

Below is the scenario:

I've a server(say hostname: which hosts the hdfs cluster. I push a fat jar to the server which I'm trying to exec. The following spark-submit works as expected and a spark job is submitted in yarn-cluster mode


spark-submit \
      --verbose \
      --class \
      --master yarn \
      --deploy-mode cluster \
      --num-executors 2 \
      --driver-memory 2g \
      --executor-memory 3g \
      --executor-cores 4 \
      /usr/share/Deployments/Consolidateservice.jar "<arg_to_main>"

However the following piece of SparkLauncher code doesn't work

val sparkLauncher = new SparkLauncher()
      .setConf("spark.driver.cores", "2")
      .setConf("spark.driver.memory", "2g")
      .setConf("spark.executor.cores", "4")
      .setConf("spark.executor.memory", "3g")

Thought maybe SparkLauncher is not getting correct env variables to work with, so I send the following to SparkLauncher, but to no avail(basically I pass everything in the to SparkLauncher)

val env: java.util.Map[String, String] = new java.util.HashMap[String, String]
    env.put("SPARK_CONF_DIR", "/etc/spark/conf.cloudera.spark_on_yarn")
    env.put("HADOOP_HOME", "/opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH-5.7.2-1.cdh5.7.2.p0.18/lib/hadoop")
    env.put("YARN_CONF_DIR", "/etc/spark/conf.cloudera.spark_on_yarn/yarn-conf")
    env.put("SPARK_LIBRARY_PATH", "/opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH-5.7.2-1.cdh5.7.2.p0.18/lib/spark/lib")
    env.put("SCALA_LIBRARY_PATH", "/opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH-5.7.2-1.cdh5.7.2.p0.18/lib/spark/lib")
    env.put("LD_LIBRARY_PATH", "/opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH-5.7.2-1.cdh5.7.2.p0.18/lib/hadoop/lib/native")
    env.put("SPARK_DIST_CLASSPATH", "/etc/spark/conf.cloudera.spark_on_yarn/classpath.txt")

    val sparkLauncher = new SparkLauncher(env)


What adds to the frustration, is that when I use same SparkLauncher code for yarn-client mode, it works perfectly fine.

Can someone please point to me what am I missing, I just feel I'm staring at the issue without recognizing it.

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