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how build phoenix 4.7 with CDH5.7.0

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Recently, i saw the CDH5.7.0 releasing. I build cluster with it, and eveything is ok. But, when i try to build phoenix 4.7 with CDH5.7.0, it error.... Can someone help me?? Or some other method to install phoenix on CDH5.7.0.... Thank you very much!!!

Community Manager

Perhaps this thread will be of assistance.


CDH Supported Phoenix

Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program
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There is no Phoenix package from Cloudera Labs for CDH 5.7 yet. (Please note that with Cloudera Labs releases, there is no guarantee of compatability across new releases.)

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I knew that Phoenix support is not yet available for CDH 5.6 & CDH 5.7 versions. Is there any alternative to make phoenix work on CDH 5.6 like building the jars from source code ?