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Adding existing nodes to cloudera manager

Hello All,


I have existing five node CDH4.1 cluster with pig,hive,impala and I want to install the cloudera manager (trial) to manage these nodes but when I try to add the nodes to manager, it fails trying to install the JDK because I have http_proxy information on /etc/yum.conf file. Is there a workaround to get all these nodes managed by cloudera manager?




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Re: Adding existing nodes to cloudera manager

You can follow the path B installation instructions here and pull the necessary rpm's down directly to the nodes.


You will use cloudera manager, agent, daemons to the node that will run CM, and the agent and daemons RPM's for the rest of the cluster.  


The JDK install (which will always run regardless of what is already installed) is trying to access the OS's default repos to install cyrus-sasl libs.  This is needed to support kerberos.  Make sure a yum list works for accessing your default OS repos, or have a local repo with your DVD media mounted and avaialble (you can mount ISO images from the command line if needed). For RHEL variants (oracle, centos, RHEL) you need both DVD1 and 2 available as part of the media mounted repo.