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All directories in are invalid

As a POC working on installation and config of CDH on 3 VM nodes cluster (RHEL 6.7) using latest CM.

First installation didn’t go throu and I uninstalled everything following instructions in Installation guide.

During second installation on the step First Run getting the error

(All directories in are invalid: "/hdpopt/dfs/dn/" "/opt/dfs/dn/")

Any idea on what might causing the issue would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: All directories in are invalid

Hi Apchi777,

Do the directories "/hdpopt/dfs/dn/" "/opt/dfs/dn/"

actually exist on disk?




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Re: All directories in are invalid

Hey, I'm running into the same error on one of my datanodes. The directories are all there but the role is down and can't be restarted. CM 5.14.2, RHEL 6.8

Worst thing is that it happened suddenly and appears to leave no trace for any reason.