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Anaconda Parcel: conda.cli not found after installation

I have downloaded and activated the open-source version of the Anaconda parcel according the the documentation here:


I am now trying to create a new cluster-wide environment using conda. When I type "conda --version," I get the error that conda.cli is not found, and indeed, it doesn't appear to be installed. Can I just go ahead and install it using yum?


The entire Anaconda parcel project seems like it isn't well-supported or documented. The Anaconda Scale and Anaconda Adam projects are (according to Continuum website) discontinued. Is there any advantage to using the Anaconda parcel over just installing Anaconda/conda on each node? It doesn't look like the Anaconda parcel lets you create a cluster-wide central repository, so I'd have to install each Python package to every node anyway, correct?