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Automating cloudera manager install


I'm working on setting up a Hadoop cluster consisting of multiple VMs (for testing and development purposes) on a local desktop machine. I have a proof of concept working, where I installed Cloudera Manager manually and then setup the cluster. But now I'd like to automate it.



To automate this process, I need to be able to script the installation of Cloudera Manager, so that it works without manual intervention. Using Cloudera Director doesn't seem to be an option for this use case, because we're not running the cluster on any cloud provider (AWS, Azure, etc.). Is there any way to automate the Cloudera Manager installation for a local desktop?

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Re: Automating cloudera manager install

Simple bash script would work. place all the rpms , jdk  in a directory and you can write simple shell script to build the yum repo, install and set the java path and complete the installation CM server. 

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Re: Automating cloudera manager install

Thanks for the reply. I have tried something similar, but when I run the installer binary (./cloudera-manager-installer.bin), it gives an interactive prompt:


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 11.08.09 AM (2).png







Is there any way to get this installer to run without user input?



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Re: Automating cloudera manager install

To get started, you can install CM using path C:


In Cloudera, our internal framework is built on top of the python cm-api. Here is a tutorial to interact with the python bindings: This will help you further in automating security, HA, etc.