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BDR jobs run on 1 server

I have 34 hosts in my cluster. I have several BDR jobs and they all run on the same host. Shouldn't they be running on different hosts? What determines which host a job runs on?

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Re: BDR jobs run on 1 server

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The BDR should run on different hosts, does your CM Server version match our release notes [0]


Only use healthy HDFS/Hive hosts for launching replication jobs

BDR Replication Host Selection Policy has been updated. The process that launches and coordinates a HDFS/Hive replication job will now only run on the following hosts:
  • Hosts that run any role of the HDFS/Hive Service (for HDFS or Hive replication)
  • Hosts that have a Non-Gateway role
  • Hosts where the health status is in the GOOD or CONCERNING state with preference given to GOOD
  • Hosts that are whitelisted, if configured

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Re: BDR jobs run on 1 server

The fix for this was to upgrade CM from 5.8.3 to 5.14.3