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Best practice for configurations/sync between two data centers



According with a multi-site deployment, with two data centers: one independent cluster in one data center regarding the other data center. I mean two separate Cloudera Manager based installations.


The data sync is solved with several aproaches, using Kafka mirroring, Cloudera Manager backup, Discp or event Apache Solr CDCR, we have a lot of different strategies.


Nevertheless, if we want to sync the configurations of Cloudera in DC1 and the configurations of Cloudera in DC2, in order to replicate the behaviour of both clusters. For instance try to replicate the configurations of Apache Flume morphline file in DC1, managed by Cloudera Manager interface, into the DC2. So any change in configurations files in DC1 will be replicated in the DC2.


It is that possible with standard configurations? 

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Re: Best practice for configurations/sync between two data centers

There isn't a way to replicate the configuration, just the data and the metadata. I imagine this could be accomplished through the CM API. You would have to fetch the configuration from DC1, possible modify (any thing related to the hosts will need to be updated with the DC2 host strings), and then push it to DC2.

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