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CM and CDH 5.10 support for MySQL cluster (ndb)

Hello community,

do CM and CDH 5.10 support MySQL cluster?


More specific, we want to have HA in MySQL. Currently we do this with Linux HA and the MySQL server is configured with InnoDB, as per Cloudera's recommendations. We want to make use of MySQL cluster, which means that the engine must be "ndbcluster". Has been tested with this engine?


We have seen that all installation scripts, strictly define engine="InnoDB" in create table statements. We want to test installing the system against a simple Mysql server (with InnoDB) and then dump the description of all tables change the engine to "ndbcluster" and import them to MySQL cluster.


Thanks in advance,


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Re: CM and CDH 5.10 support for MySQL cluster (ndb)

Hi everyone.

It seems that ndbcluster is not supported.

We are getting this error:

ERROR main:com.cloudera.server.cmf.bootstrap.EntityManagerFactoryBean: Tables have unsupported engine type [ndbcluster]. InnoDB is required. Table mapping: {ndbcluster=[AUDITS, CONFIG_REVISIONS, CLIENT_CONFIGS, SERVICES, PROCESSES, SETTINGS, CONFIGS, USER_ROLES, SCHEMA_VERSION, CREDENTIALS, HOSTS, COMMANDS, CLUSTERS, ROLES, USERS]}


Any advice on this? Or we should completely drop the idea of using mysqlcluster.