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CSD - Disabled Health checks on CM5.14

I created a CSD for a custom service. The default health checks work fine on earlier versions of CM, including 5.13.


On CM5.14, however, the default service health checks all show as "Test disabled because of an invalid configuration:". 


The firehose log shows the error as "Cannot convert value null for configuration unexpected_exits_window for subject ...".


Looking in the service configuration, the values such as the unexpected exits window, etc. all display normally.


This seems to be a bug in 5.14?  Is there a work-around or CSD configurations that fix it?

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Re: CSD - Disabled Health checks on CM5.14

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This bug exists in CM 5.14.[0-4] and 5.15.0.


The problem is that monitoring config parameters that get added automatically for the custom service roles are not given values.  The parameters have attributes like so:


"name" : "traf_dcs_host_health_enabled",
"required" : false,
"default" : "true",
"displayName" : "Connection Master Host Health Test",
"description" : "When computing the overall Connection Master health, consider the host's health.",
"relatedName" : "",
"sensitive" : false,
"validationState" : "OK"


..., but no actual "value". CM gets the value as null and disables the health check due to bad config.


When looking at the parameter in the CM UI, it shows the default value (true). You can un-check the box, so that the value is "false", but then CM says the user has disabled the health check.  When I re-check the box, it goes back to the default, and the value is "null".


The work-around is to set the parameters via the API.  Then the health checks are enabled and work normally.