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Cloudera 5.7.2 / HBase: How to Set hfile.format.version using Cloudera Manager?

With CDH 5.7.2-1.cdh5.7.2.po.18, I am trying to use Cloudera Manager to configure HBase to use visibility labels and authorizations, as described in the post below:


Cloudera Manager Hbase Visibility Labels


Using Cloudera Manager, I have successfully updated the values of the following properties:

  • hbase.coprocessor.region.classes: Set to
  • hbase.coprocessor.master.classes: Set to
  • Set to true

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Cloudera Manager doesn't expose the hfile.format.version variable, so I am unable to set it to 3.


When I restart HBase after updating only the three aforementioned variables, errors such as the following appear in the role log:



ERROR org.apache.hadoop.hbase.coprocessor.CoprocessorHost: The coprocessor threw java.lang.RuntimeException: A minimum HFile version of 3 is required to persist security labels. Consider setting hfile.format.version accordingly.


I'd love to set hfile.format.version accordingly, but... how would I do that, when it's not exposed in Cloudera Manager? For example, is there some config file on the file system that I can modify? Cloudera Manager has to be getting the current settings from somewhere.



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Re: Cloudera 5.7.2 / HBase: How to Set hfile.format.version using Cloudera Manager?

This is not explicitly exposed in Cloudera Manager HBase configuration section in CDH5.x.x but can set using the Safety value for hbase-site.xml


 CM > HBase > Configuration > HBase Service Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for hbase-site.xml > Add the property and value > Save > (Rolling) Restart HBase service to take effect