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Cloudera Manager => Clusters => Activities => MapReduce Jobs Not showing anything

Hi all


I am having trouble using the Cloudera Manager to see the jobs that are active/finished. Previously we have had not problem doing this with the UI:


Cloudera Manager => Clusters => Activities => MapReduce Jobs.


but recently we don't see anything. I suspect that this problem is related to the activity monitor database (we use postgres as configured by the Cloudera Manager installation), but I am not sure.

I made sure of a few things:


- The cloudera-scm-server-db service working

- The password for the user amon is correct

- The health of the mgmt system in the UI is all green

_ There are jobs running in the cluster and I can track them using the JobTracker simple Web page that runs on port 50070. This displays all the correct information.


but the problem still persists. Nothing appears there.


Am I missing something?