Custom add on service stuck in starting state, and now cannot start,stop,delete this service.

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My custom add on service is stuck in starting state and now cannot start,stop or delete the service itself. 

When I try to start I get the error "Command Start is not currently available for execution."

Whey I try to stop the service I get the error "At least one role must be started."

When I try to delete the service I get the error "The following roles roles need to be stopped before deleted."


How do I resolve this?





Please make sure you have a Cloudera Manager database backup before following these directions.


Perform the following actions:
1. Log into the Cloudera Manager database and run a query against all the services in the Roles table.


select role_id, name, configured_status from ROLES where configured_status = "STOPPING"; -- Replace STOPPED with STARTING depending on the use case.


2. Note any roles that you know for certain are stopped but are indicated as "STOPPING" or any roles you know for certain are started but are indicated as "STARTING"


3. Execute an update statement to set the role to the correct state.


update ROLES set configured_status = "STOPPED" where role_id = #; -- Replace STOPPED with STARTING depending on the use case. Replace the role_id with the value got from step 1.


4. Re-execute the select statement to check to ensure the configured_status is now indicating the correct state.


5. Start or stop the role as required.  (It *MAY* also be required to restart the Cloudera Manager server process itself too)


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