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Datanode denied communication with namenode because host is not in the include-list

Hi All,


I was configuring cdh on 5 nodes. I was able to setup all the services and start. These nodes run on different containers in different machines. I'm getting the following error on the HDFS from the containers which are outside the node where CM is installed.


Block pool BP-1483260034- (Datanode Uuid ee42819f-8d0d-40d9-bec6-61d3c708696a) service to hadoop07.tvcom/ beginning handshake with NN


DataNode Initialization failed for Block pool BP-1483260034- (Datanode Uuid      ee42819f-8d0d-40d9-bec6-61d3c708696a) service to Datanode denied communication with namenode because the host is not in the include-list: DatanodeRegistration(, datanodeUuid=ee42819f-8d0d-40d9-bec6-61d3c708696a, infoPort=9864, infoSecurePort=0, ipcPort=9867, storageInfo=lv=-57;cid=cluster12;nsid=993167961;c=1557944678285)


Not sure what i missed.