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Decommission Host / Balancer Role

Hi, we need to decommission a host that the HDFS "Balancer" role resides on.  I don't see a way to migrate that role in CM.  Will the decommission process automatically assign it to a different host?




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Re: Decommission Host / Balancer Role

Hi @DataMike ,


I believe the following should work (decommissioning probably won't include adding the role to another host):



In CM, Navigate to HDFS --> Instances




Check the box next to the "balancer" role.




From the Actions for Selected drop-down, choose Delete




Add the role back by clicking the Add Role Instances button




In the wizard, chose the "balancer" role and select the host on which you want it to run

(complete the wizard)


I do not believe anything else would need to be done as the configuration for the balancer will be retained even without the role existing.

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Re: Decommission Host / Balancer Role

It would be safe if you remove balancer role.

balancer is required only when there is data incosistency.stop the role and follow below steps.

You can goto HDFS-> instances -> select balancer -> migrate roles and specify target host.