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Re: Docker Cloudera image Hue login issues

Yeah, they sold Powerschool off to a competitor who took it way past what we had.  One of the Java engineers talked the new company into letting him re-write it in Java.

It looks pretty cool from the last time I looked at it.


I remember that group back in the day.  I still have my email address and am using 50GB of iCloud storage for the day my Mac goes down.  I bought a 2016 laptop in 2017 and absolutely love it.  All except the memory.  In which they fixed in the newest releases of MacBook Pro.  Dang company!  :-)


Dude, I got some stories of sticking with something.  I have about 33 years of Unix experience starting back in the day with Sun Microsystems servers.  I own a Sun Sparc Classic and a Sun Enterprise 250 workgroup server.  Both of them will still boot.


I wil let you know if anything pops up as I am going to do some Django development as a phase II project to manage users automatically.  I figured out how to web scrape the Hue page using the older user list URL (/useradmin/users/) that doesn't use Javascript to load the user list (/hue/useradmin/users/).  Although, Hue warns the older URL is old, it still works.  I have not figured out yet how to load the user list with the new (current) URL of "/hue/useradmin/users/" but will get back to it later.  It would be nice to have an API for Hue as Cloudera Manager has.  My project was to auto-delete Cloudera and Hue users that have left the company.  I have all the prototype functionality built and am about to bring it all together into a package.


Thanks for all your help!