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Does cloudera manager support floating IPs

Hi CM team,

Do you guys support floating IPs.  I have two IPs one private and public i wnat to setup CM with public IPs it is supported by CM or not.

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Re: Does cloudera manager support floating IPs

Hi @mystreet,


Not knowing your goals entirely, I'll throw out the caution that CM/CDH does not support multihoming as explained on this page:



  • Multihoming Support

    Multihoming CDH or Cloudera Manager is not supported outside specifically certified Cloudera partner appliances. Cloudera finds that current Hadoop architectures combined with modern network infrastructures and security practices remove the need for multihoming. Multihoming, however, is beneficial internally in appliance form factors to take advantage of high-bandwidth InfiniBand interconnects.

    Although some subareas of the product may work with unsupported custom multihoming configurations, there are known issues with multihoming. In addition, unknown issues may arise because multihoming is not covered by our test matrix outside the Cloudera-certified partner appliances.


More specifically to your question, though, I am not sure how to tell CM to listen on a specific interface ast it is configured to listen on all interfaces by default