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[Edge Node] After re-image the node how can I add it back to existing cluster

Hi All


I have edge node with hdfs,yarn,spark gateway running on the host. due to something broken on this host, I have decomm it from CDH(5.8) cluster  and re-imaged it. and now I need take it back to cluster. but after follow the wizard operations, I found there is no package/commands/configuration file existing on this node. Is there something missing or wrong? Please help on this, Thanks a lot.




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Re: [Edge Node] After re-image the node how can I add it back to existing cluster





If you are trying to add the host as the same hostname you had before, make sure to delete the host from CM before you try to add it again.  Agents are identified by a "UUID" located in /var/lib/cloudera-scm-agent/uuid, so, if you install an agent on that host and the uuid doesn't exist, one will be created for you.  This will cause you to see two entries for your host in CM.

If you delete the host from CM then you can add it back without the duplicate.


In order to add your host, follow these instructions:


NOTE:  If you already manage your own Java, don't choose to have the wizard install one for you.


If you added your host and when through all the steps listed in the documentation, but still don't see the host in Cloudera Manager, let us know... we might need some screen shots of your wizard in order to understand what choices you made.


Also, if you are looking for the packages, make sure to search for the rpms with something like this:


# rpm -qa |grep -i cloudera