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Error while moving Activity Monitor & Report Server



I have set a 3 node cluster for learning purposes with CM 5.11.2, due to VM resource issues, I am trying to move Activity Monitor & Report Server from Node 1 to Node 2.


While conducting this moved I initially got error " JDBC driver cannot be found. Unable to find the JDBC database jar on host : Node 2",  after going through some articles wherein it was mentioned to install 'mysql-connector-java', which I did on Node 2, post installation I am getting a different error "No database server found running on host Node 2".


Does Activity Monitor & Report Server work only on the Node where Myaql is installed, if not then how to I move these 2 services to Node 2, kindly assist / guide me in resolving this issue.




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Re: Error while moving Activity Monitor & Report Server





Activity Monitor is only useful if you are using MapReduce1.  I doubt you are, so you can just delete Activity Monitor if that is true.  If you are using YARN for jobs, then you can remove Activity Monitor.




In the instructions, you need to copy the driver to /user/share/java.  Please list the contents so we can see if the cloudera-scm user has read access:


# ls -la /usr/share/java


You might compare permissions with the old, working hostl to see that the same directory and containing files have the same permissions.  The assumption here is that it is likely that Java just cannot access the mysql driver.