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External database server maintenance and reboot - what about cluster service?

We are using external database PostgreSQL for all our service like Hive, Sentry, Hue, etc. on our Hadoop cluster. We need to apply periodic security patches and reboot this Linux server hosting PostgreSQL database.


My question is what should we do with Hadoop cluster during this PostgreSQL server maintenance and reboot. We will ensure that this cluster is not used during this maintenance window.


Should we put Hadoop cluster in maintenance mode or we should completely stop the service on this cluster.

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Re: External database server maintenance and reboot - what about cluster service?



First, putting an entity into maintenance mode only suppresses the alerts that those events would otherwise generate. You can see a history of all the events that were recorded for entities during the period that those entities were in maintenance mode.


Only if you have higher-level entity or priority services put those in maintenance mode.


If not, I recommended you to stop the service and then restart.




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Re: External database server maintenance and reboot - what about cluster service?


just make sure which you dont have any lengthy jogging transactions. best is to restart square server the use of console or shutdown command at some stage in a low/minimal interest period additionally referred to as upkeep window to minimize effect on your business.

if you have any DR setup and also you dont want to be down, then quality is to failover and then restart the passive or secondary node.

clean Shutdown square Server takes place in below eventualities :

forestall sq. server using services console.
Shutting down your server
going for walks SHUTDOWN command in SSMS
In principally situations, sq. server cleanly shutsdown all its databases and then terminates the provider which entails commiting or rolling back all the transactions, writing all grimy pages to disk after which writing an entry into transaction log.

fallacious shutdown of square server :

shutdown with nowait
pulling energy cable from your server (when you have get entry to).
killing sqlserver.exe from assignment supervisor
Dirve failure on which sq. server binaries, exe, gadget databases are living or home windows system power failure .. commonly C: power.
overheating of the server causing it to shutdown (should rarely appear !!)
square Server will always try to do a clean shutdown ...unless you do some thing improper as said above.

hope this might help you 




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