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Extrated CDH5.4.8 folders deleted from /opt/cloudera/parcels

Accidently all folder got deleted under /opt/cloudera/parcels/DH-5.4.8-1.cdh5.4.8.p0.4 path. Because of this I am unable to start any service of CDH. 


Please help us to solve this.

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Re: Extrated CDH5.4.8 folders deleted from /opt/cloudera/parcels

This is going to be rough. You could manually copy the data from the CM server over to each node. You could also deploy a new cluster to those some nodes.

I got a feeling that either way the old configs will not be present any longer. Before doing anything I would try to take a backup of the cluster using the CM API. Then you can try to restore the configs from that if you end up with a new cluster with default configs.
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Re: Extrated CDH5.4.8 folders deleted from /opt/cloudera/parcels



The agents in a CM managed environment are stateless. That is to say that they poll Cloudera Manager regularly for the Cluster Model State. If you inadvertently removed the extracted parcel contents on a CM managed host the Agent will attempt to download and extract the parcel again once it has detected that it's present state does not match the model state provided by Cloudera Manager.


Service configurations and role configurations are maintained by Cloudera Manager. Once the parcel is properly re-deployed you should be able to start the service role instances assigned to this host and no data will be lost.


In order for this to work you must ensure that the parcel is still available on the host which operates Cloudera Manager. Parcels available for distribution are typically stored in /opt/cloudera/parcel-repo though the parcel Management Page within Cloudera Manager should clearly indicate which parcels are available and their present states including distribution states if re-distribution is active.

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Re: Extrated CDH5.4.8 folders deleted from /opt/cloudera/parcels

We solved this problem, Simply copying the parcels folder from the other node(fortunatly we are not deleted there)

Since we are using ISILON for storage which communicate through network to the data nodes clusters.Because of that deleted node doesn't contain any meta-storage information.