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Free space error after restarting the cluster.

Folks, I have set up a 3 node cluster with 2 TB storage in each node, only 5% of the storage space is being used over all , but for a particular node , I get the following error.


The Cloudera Manager Agent's parcel directory is on a filesystem with less than 5.0 GiB of its space free. /opt/cloudera/parcels (free: 4.2 GiB (14.90%), capacity: 28.4 GiB)


Can someone please let me know how to resolve this issue ?




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Re: Free space error after restarting the cluster.

You can change the parcel directory from /opt/cloudera/parcels (by default) to given directory per the following guide:
Before following the steps, please shutdown the cluster for a safe.
Configuring the Host Parcel Directory

Otherwise, you need to add more disk to /opt.