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HBase Browser is not available in Hue Web UI

Hi All -


I'm pretty new to Cloudera and I have downloaded CDH 5.6 and experimenting/ going through tutorials. While executing HBase tutorials I see that HBase Browser is not available in Hue Web UI. Could you point me in the direction?


Thank you!



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Re: HBase Browser is not available in Hue Web UI

Hue has a blacklist option to not display apps that are not configured.  By default CM will blacklist any app in Hue that has not been selected as a service dependency in the Hue service.  Try this:


- Go to the Hue service configuration in CM.

- Look for "HBase Service" and make sure that your Hbase service is actually selected instead of "none".

- Also Hue uses Hbase thrift server to connect.  So make sure you add an Hbase thrift server instance to your HBase service if one doesn't already exist.

- Once the Hbase thrift server instance is added in Hbase service.  Then go back to Hue service configuration and search for "HBase Thrift Server" and make sure that an HBase thrift server is selected instead of "none".

- Restart Hue.


Hope this helps.