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HBase Thrift Server periodically crashes

Hi All,

HBase Thrift Server periodically crashes even though I am not yet using HBase.

I am using Cloudera 5.10, I do not think I changed any default variables for HBase.

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Re: HBase Thrift Server periodically crashes

On one of our CDH 5.7.1 deployments, our HBase Thrift service is crashing every Monday morning.   It leaves no messages in it's log.out file.


Tracking the timing of the crashes, I found correlation with our Security team's vulnerability scans.  They use Qualys to scan our systems, and shortly after they start their scan our HBase Thrift service will crash.  We suspect there may be an unpatched vulnerabilty - we are pursuing further with the Qualys vender for more details.


We don't have this in our other CDH deployments - just this particular v5.7.1 environment.