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Historical Disk Usage Report - date format in excel/csv

Hello -

When I view the Historical Disk Usage report in CM for daily or weekly or monthly, the values displayed look like dates:    2017-02  or 2017-05-02.


However, when I download the report to excel or csv, the date column has values like:   1491020099000


Just wondering what that format is and how i can covert back to a date.



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Re: Historical Disk Usage Report - date format in excel/csv

Hi all ...


According to Cloudera support the date value

  " an epoch timestamp includes milliseconds, which makes the the timestamp three digits longer than the date converter expects. You can either remove the last three characters using a substring function, or insert a period before the millisecond digits. Either of these commands will provide the correct timestamp for 1491020099000: date --date='@1491020099' date --date='@1491020099.000'"


So...if anyone else needs to know!