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How to install Cloudera on 10+ nodes simultaneously?

I am pretty new to Cloudera and Big Data world. So please pardon me if it is a very naive question.


I am using Cloudera Manager to install CDH4 on a 20-node Amazon-EC2 cluster. When the installtion of "Cloudera Standard (Free license)" begins (i.e. "Cluster Installtion"), I am noticing that it is being done in only-10-nodes-at-a-time way. Meaning, there is installtion progress for only 10 nodes at a time. When the first node is done, then 11th starts, when 2nd node is done, then 12th starts and so on.


For 20 nodes, it is still fine. But soon we are going to use 500 nodes for production use. 


Is there a way to install Cloudera on the entire cluster at once?


Pleas let me know if any more info is needed from me.



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Re: How to install Cloudera on 10+ nodes simultaneously?



If you look carefully at the options on the page where you enter in SSH credentials, there's an option to control how many hosts to install simultaneously. By default it is 10.


You may also want to edit the parcel distribution settings when setting up a large cluster, accessible via Administration -> Settings -> Parcels. You may need to exit a wizard (click the Cloudera Manager Logo) to access the Administration menu.