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How to safely clean disk full dfs_dn_current



I am using CDH 5.4. I have ~60 G disk free on each machine.


I ran a map job, and am showing unhealthy HDFS (disk full).

I restarted my cluster, I see no mapred jobs now.


I see that this folder is over 50G


By examining the contents of the files under this directory and subdirs, it seems that all the logging that I am doing with log4j is getting replicated here. 


Using HUE, I have deleted the folders in HDFS which were my input and output folders, and also the logs under /tmp/logs/ubuntu/logs .


Can I just delete the current/finalized folder ? What is the correct way to clean up ?


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Re: How to safely clean disk full dfs_dn_current

restart your cluster and let sit for a couple of days. It will clear by itself.


The same "solution" was also proposed by someone on stackoverflow, if something like this happens to your cluster.