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How to setup Cloudera on Azure?

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Hi everyone ,

I'm a beginner of cloudera and azure . I was trying to setup a VM Cloudera CentOS 6.8 on Azure then connect to it  and run some tests .

Once i connected to my VM with ssh , it seems to me that there is anything installed in this VM . When i use     "service --status -all " , I didnt find any components (hadoop ,hbase,hive,etc) . Can someone help me?



~]$ service --status-all
auditd (pid 1082) is running...
cgred is stopped
crond (pid 1300) is running...
hv_fcopy_daemon is stopped
hv_kvp_daemon (pid 1196) is running...
hv_vss_daemon (pid 1210) is running...
ip6tables: Only usable by root. [WARNING]
iptables: Only usable by root. [WARNING]
iscsi is stopped
iscsid is stopped
lvmetad is stopped
dmeventd is stopped
mdmonitor status unknown due to insufficient privileges.
multipathd is stopped
/etc/init.d/netconsole: line 19: /etc/sysconfig/network: Permission denied
netconsole module not loaded
/etc/init.d/netfs: line 20: /etc/sysconfig/network: Permission denied
/etc/init.d/network: line 23: /etc/sysconfig/network: Permission denied
Configured devices:
lo eth0
Currently active devices:
lo eth0
Checking for service Open Group OMI Server omiserver (pid 2131) is running...
/etc/init.d/postfix: line 34: /etc/sysconfig/network: Permission denied
master status unknown due to insufficient privileges.
/etc/init.d/rdisc: line 16: /etc/sysconfig/network: Permission denied
rdisc is stopped
rngd (pid 1125) is running...
rsyslogd status unknown due to insufficient privileges.
sandbox is stopped
saslauthd is stopped
/etc/init.d/sshd: line 33: /etc/sysconfig/sshd: Permission denied
openssh-daemon (pid 1589) is running...
waagent (pid 1252) is running...

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Re: How to setup Cloudera on Azure?

VM image in Azure is Image with CentOS OS only and it is different from Cloudera VM available for download which does have CDH installed.