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Impala Bad Health issue

In CDH5 Cloudera Manager, Hive is working fine. After restarting the Impala service, few minutes later Impala service moves to bad health , and we are getting following error after starting the Impala service.



Healthy Impala Daemon: 0. Concerning Impala Daemon: 1. Total Impala Daemon: 3. Percent healthy: 0.00%. Percent healthy or concerning: 33.33%. Critical threshold: 90.00%.



Impala catalog server and state-store are configured in same host where Hive is configured, and 3 Impala deamon are configured in seperate host.


Following is the messgae while staring impala shell:


# impala-shell
Starting Impala Shell without Kerberos authentication
Error connecting: TTransportException, Could not connect to
Welcome to the Impala shell. Press TAB twice to see a list of available commands.

Copyright (c) 2012 Cloudera, Inc. All rights reserved.

(Shell build version: Impala Shell vcdh5-1.3.0 (40e1b62) built on Tue Mar 25 13:46:44 PDT 2014)
[Not connected] > 


Kindly suggest to resolve this issue.