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Impala-shell timeout via oozie workflow

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I have a simple oozie workflow which runs an impala-shell and exeutes a impala query file.  The query is a big one so I expect to see if take a few hours, however worlflow keeps getting killed after 1 hour.  When looking through the logs I see on the impala-shell logs the following "timeout 1hr"

>>> Invoking Shell command line now >>

Stdoutput Generating kerberos ticket, attempt 0, fromxxx.keytab for xxx@xxx.xom
Stdoutput Sucessfully obtained Kerberos ticket for
Stdoutput Generating random string
Stdoutput Query parameters:
Stdoutput   tempTable=temp._attxxx_60742242
Stdoutput 0: Running query query.sql with timeout 1h, attempt 0, parameters:

The impala admission queue the query executes under has no timeout setting set, so i'm at a loss as to were this value is been picked up from?

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Re: Impala-shell timeout via oozie workflow

Turns out this was a enviroement variable set within the