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Installation failed. Failed to receive heartbeat from agent.

This question has been asked 5 times on this forum. But I still can fix the issue by reviewing these posts. 


Please, can somebody tell more details about the procedure when the cloudera-scm-manager contact with the cloudera-scm-agent. 


1. How does cloudera-scm-manager connect to a new node? 

2. What happens after cloudera-scm-manager connect to a new node? 

3. What does the cloudera-scm-agent do when the cloudera-scm-agent start?

4. Who starts the package installation and cloudera-scm-agent?

5. Who and when starts the supervisord? 

6. What ports are being using when cloudera-scm-server interact with cloudera-scm-agent?


Regarding the solution about this issue, I have these questions?

1. Is the /etc/hosts style a must or a suggestion? FQDN abbreviation